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About Lame Page:

Lamepage started in early 1793.

The internet was different in the old days. The first infrastructures were built by beet farmers using wooden circuit boards. It was the impressive genius of Mr. Lame, whom had foreseen his great great great great grandson, Al Gore, invent the internet and had made measures to prepare in advance for the arrival of that day.

The preparation as it were, was to pre-write all web code in 1794. Surprisingly, there were only a few minor syntactical errors, which in itself is impressive due to the fact that "code" was not invented yet. This feat underscores both the IQ and foresight of Mr. Lame.

One major undertaking was porting the code from 1794 slate tablets to today's current format and favorite flavor of scripting language. This was a major hurdle in itself, as it took a team of 10 code gurus months of grueling, brain breaking time and effort to complete this part of the project alone.

All, I hope you are as glad as I, that the Lame Page still exists today.

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