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USA Jackson SL2H Soloist:

Top choice for shreading:

sl2h1.jpg 1.7K
jackson soloist sl2h

sl2h_b1.jpg 2.2K
jackson sl2h

PRS 513:

This is a sweet axe for any style. 5 pickups, 13 modes.

prs 513
prs 513

prs 513 body
PRS 513

PRS 513

'68 yamaha fg 150:

Nippon Gakki made; The one I learned on.

68FG_Fret1.jpg 2.5K
'68 FG 150

68FGa1.jpg 1.5K
1968 Yamaha FG 150

68FGb1.jpg 2.4K
Yamaha FG150

button1.jpg 2.2K
guitar strap button

headBack1.jpg 2.5K
head back

headFront1.jpg 2.1K
head front

'71 Les Paul Custom:

Purchased from Crazy Eddie in 1982 for $570

71LPCa1.jpg 2.6K
1971 Les Paul Custom

71LPCb1.jpg 2.5K
71 Les Paul

71LPCc1.jpg 1.5K
Les Paul

'84 G&L (George Fullerton & Leo Fender) S-500:

Magnetic coil pickups, sweet strat tone.

84s500_back_a1.jpg 1.7K
1984 s500

84s500_back_b1.jpg 2.0K
'84 s-500

84s500_Front_a1.jpg 2.5K
1984 s-500

84s500_Front_b1.jpg 1.5K
84 s500

84s500_HEAD1.jpg 2.2K
'84 s500 head stock

WHAMMY1.jpg 1.9K
whammy bar mod

dual fulcrum block mod

Carvin CT6M:

Sold to droog who needed to rock.

carvin_CT6M_Back1.jpg 1.7K
Carvin CT6M

carvin_CT6M_Front1.jpg 1.8K
Carvin CT6M

carvin_CT6M_Front_close1.jpg 2.4K
Carvin CT6M

'96 Gibson SG Standard:

96SG_stda1.jpg 2.7K
1996 Gibson SG standard

96SG_stdb1.jpg 2.6K
96 sg std

2005 Taylor 810 CE:

One of the sweetest sounding acoustics I've heard - plugged in or not.

Taylor810ce8.jpg 2.1K
taylor 810ce

Taylor810ce9.jpg 2.3K
taylor 810-ce

Taylor810ce10.jpg 2.4K
taylor 810 ce

Taylor810ce11.jpg 1.6K
taylor 810

Taylor810ce12.jpg 1.8K
Taylor 810 ce

Taylor810ce13.jpg 3.1K
taylor 810 ce

Taylor810ce14.jpg 1.6K
taylor 810 ce

1986 G&L L-2000 Bass:

Active pickup bass with wide tone range.

L2000 1986
L-2000 Bass

L2000 Head
L-2000 Bass

Amps and other studio equipment:

bassamp1.jpg 2.2K
sunn 300 bass amp

wall_of_sound1.jpg 2.8K
wall of sound

Traynor YSR-1 Custom Reverb amps

booming sub woofer
Mackie 1801 Beast

control_headphamp1.jpg 2.1K
head phone amps

mesa_halfstack1.jpg 2.9K
mesa droog stack

rack1.jpg 4.0K
portable rack with pc

rhode_OH_mic1.jpg 2.1K
rhode OH mics

twin_amp1.jpg 2.2K
fender "twin amp"

Drums that have made the rounds:

set3.jpg 2.7K
big drum kit

set4.jpg 2.9K

68Ludwig1.jpg 2.8K
68 Ludwig

Check out my lame pod xt setup.

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